Services & Products

  • Mounting

    A method of adhering an item onto a firm support by means of a heat-activated or pressure-sensitive adhesive. Mounting helps to flatten prints, photographs or posters that have lines or wrinkles.

  • Stretching

    Whether you need a canvas stretched onto wooden bars or needlework pinned to foam, we can do the job.

  • Shadow Box Design

    Not sure what to do with that signed sports jersey or antique ornament? Put it in a shadow box or object box. This frame is made from a deep molding in which three-dimensional items can be displayed.

  • UPS Access Point   --Pick up your packages at a safe and convenient location.                                                                                                                                                                                                              

  • Mats

    All of our mats are acid-free. We carry a large selection of rag, silk, suede and linen. We now are capable of cutting many different openings, as well as decorations and alphabets. 

  • Glass

    We offer a large selection of glass types including:

    • Clear
    • Conservation - Protects your artwork from ultraviolet rays
    • Conservation Anti-reflective
    • Non-Glare - Diffuses light and reduces glare
    • Museum - The highest quality glass you can purchase, it filters ultraviolet rays and eliminates virtually all reflection

    We can also special order:

    • Plexiglas (acrylic) - Lighter in weight and perfect for large pieces of artwork or museum-quality Plexiglas.

  • Frames

    We have a wide selection of both wood and metal moldings. Come in and select from our hundreds of types and styles of moldings.